The big trees with little rootballs

From our sister company, Larchwood Nurseries, we bring you a range of healthy, hardy trees grown right here in Alberta. Featuring the most popular varieties, carefully selected for their ability to thrive in our challenging climate, the trees are guaranteed for a full year.

But there’s more … Larchwood Nurseries grow all their trees in root control bags, which gives them many special advantages.

Big enough to create instant impact in your yard, light enough to plant without machinery

  • Hardy and acclimatized for our climate
  • Trees up to a 60mm caliper (trunk diameter) for deciduous trees, or 8 to 10 feet tall for coniferous trees
  • 18″ rootball weighing only 130lb
  • Take them home in the back of a pick-up truck
  • Plant them in a hand-dug hole

You won’t find them anywhere else!

Bloomfield Garden Centre is the exclusive retailer of Larchwood Nurseries’ beautiful trees – so if you want a locally grown tree, that’s big enough to create instant impact in your yard, and light enough to plant without machinery, come by and check out the selection.

Visit Larchwood Nurseries’ website for more information, and for retail pricing.

Delivery and planting available

If planting a tree doesn’t sound like much fun to you, we also offer a full planting and delivery service. Just ask at the garden centre.