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Calling All Pollinators | Bloomfield Garden Centre

Calling all Pollinators!

Who doesn’t love the sight of a garden that’s buzzing with activity on a sunny day? Bees with their little bottoms hanging out of flowers, butterflies floating gracefully on the

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Peony Sorbet | Perennials

Peonies for Southern Alberta

Peonies are a classic perennial, beloved for their extravagant flowers and delicious fragrance. They are dependable and long-lived, and they are excellent for cut flowers. This year we have a

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Assorted Shade Plants | Calgary Gardening

Plants for Shade

Planting a shady spot in the garden can be intimidating. There are so many gorgeous plants that thrive in the sun, and it can seem like your choices are limited

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Cherokee Purple

Grow your Own Food!

Growing your own food is so satisfying, and nothing tastes better than something you just picked from your own yard. If you haven’t tried to grow vegetables, herbs or fruits

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Grasses | Bloomfield Garden Centre

Glorious Grasses

We’ve got royalty coming to Bloomfield Garden Centre this spring! King Tut and Prince Tut grasses will both be gracing our greenhouse with their presence and we’re pretty excited! King

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