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About Online Ordering

Our plants are timed to be ready in May. You can pick them up at the garden centre any time in May, up until the May long weekend.
If you will be late picking up your plants for any reason, just let us know and we’ll be happy to hang on to them for an extra week or so. There may be a small holding fee.
We grow all our own plants, so once something is sold out, it’s gone for the season. We will know to grow more next year!
Unfortunately we do not offer delivery. Plants must be picked up at the garden centre.
Unlike our annuals, which are all grown right here in our greenhouses, we bring in perennials and shrubs to order from our supplier. That means we don’t have a display in the garden centre. If you would like to order perennials or shrubs, you need to order by the end of April and they will be available for pick up by the Mother’s Day weekend.

About the Garden Centre

No, we are closer than you think! We’re only 10 minutes east of Stoney Trail, between Chestermere and Strathmore, off highway #1. So even though it feels like you’ve escaped to the countryside, you’re very close to home.
Yes! Bring us your pots any time in March or April (the sooner the better) and we will be happy to create a glorious display for you and then keep them safe in the greenhouse until any time up until the May long weekend. You’ll find pricing in the online store, under Custom Containers.
We love visitors as early as April, and we’re nearly always around. Just call 403 816 6255 before coming out to make sure someone will be available to help you.
Unfortunately the option to have plants picked up later is only available for online sales.

About Other Brands

Yes we have a showroom permanently set up. During garden centre hours please feel free to stop by. Outside garden centre hours, or during the off-season, please just call 403 650 5635 to make an appointment.
Please call Tarance on 403 650 5635 or ( to chat about your requirements.
if you’re interested in custom growing for your spring annual requirements, call Wendy on 403 816 6255 or (larchwoodnurseries@gmail,com). We start planning as early as November for the following spring.
Unfortunately the option to have plants picked up later is only available for online sales.
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