Our Approach

We're growing a garden centre!

It all started in August 2015, when a friend approached my husband, Tarance, and said "we'd like you to buy Greenview Nurseries".

Oh how we laughed! What on earth would we want to do that for? Then - you probably know what it's like - we started having the 'what if' conversation. Pretty soon we had gone from a definite 'NO' to a 'possibly maybe'.

Eventually we realized it actually made sense. As long-time tree farmers and landscapers, the land gave us huge potential to build, and expand on, our existing businesses.

We moved in February 2016, and it's been a whirlwind since then. The first thing we did was start to build a community. We've leased parcels to a permaculture specialist, a landscape maintenance company, a compost business, a herb grower and an online garden centre. We like to call it a 'horti-cult'.

Some people may remember that in the summer of 2016, our garden centre space was leased and operated by Fairy Tale Garden Centre. They decided to move on, and now it's all up to us.

We've got huge, exciting plans for Bloomfield Garden Centre. We're renovating the outside area - incorporating more plants, and gardening accessories. We're also creating a beautiful indoor store where visitors can stop for a cup of coffee, browse some gardening reference books and find a lovely selection of gifts and local crafts.

We might be just outside Calgary, but it's going to be well worth the trip!


Our Story