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Tarance Zak

We are Wendy and Tarance Zak, owners and operators of Bloomfield Garden Centre and all its affiliated companies.

In 2016, when Tarance and I bought a run-down nursery just east of Calgary, we didn’t anticipate the life this would take on. Our plan originally was simply to use the land as a base from which to sell our Alberta-grown trees, and from which to operate Greentree Landscapes.

But you know what they say about going with the flow! First we took over a few existing wholesale contracts, custom growing annuals for landscapers. That is where I discovered my happy place and those few contracts have expanded to become a major part of our business.

Then we needed a place to sell the extra plants, so we re-opened the old garden centre. That of course meant expanding our selection and now we make sure that every year we have a great selection of old favourites, the hottest new varieties, hanging baskets, fruiting and vegetable plants and more. We even invite people to bring us their containers in March or April and we’ll plant them up and grow them on in the greenhouse until the May long weekend. Our customers love that option!

At around the same time we opened our space to some fellow horticulturalists who have since become customers and great friends.

Knot Done Yet

And finally, Tarance – ever the opportunist – rescued some fabulous old cedar that was on a one-way trip to the dump. He reclaimed and restored it and turned it into a beautiful, unique patio set. Suddenly he was taking orders for more, and realised people needed these gorgeous pieces in their lives. And just like that Knot Done Yet was born.

Perhaps Knot Done Yet is a good name for our latest venture for another reason – after all, we’re never sure what’s around the next corner. Stay tuned!

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