Using Tropical ‘Houseplants’ in the Landscape

Using Tropical Houseplants In The Landscape | Bloomfield Garden Centre

Tropical 'Houseplants'

We might not live in the tropics, but that doesn’t have to stop us getting tropical during our gardening season!

Plants that would typically be grown as houseplants can be a dramatic addition to your spring planting plans – big leaves, bold colours and an attitude that says “I’m here and you’d better look at me!”

Five reasons for planting tropical ‘houseplants’ outside this spring:

  1. They are big, bold and unique; some have oversized leaves, while others sport the brightest colours or most interesting textures.
  2. They look exotic and exciting.
  3. They will contrast magnificently with your favourite annuals.
  4. Most tropical plants will flourish outside during the summer, although avoid full sun.
  5. You can bring your tropical plants inside during the winter.

Check out some of our favourite ‘housplants’ for outdoors:

Tropical Houseplants

You can find all these, and more fabulous plants, in our online store. Have a browse, and find some inspiration!

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