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Why we reduce our opening hours after annual season.

annual seasonIt’s been three years since we opened the doors to Bloomfield Garden Centre, and we’re having a blast!

One of the things we’ve been figuring out during this time is how to deal with the seasonal swings of garden centre traffic, and how to make sense of the fact that we are a hybrid between a regular garden centre and a farm.

The rush of annual season

Annual seasonAnnual season has quickly become a staple of garden centre life, and we are proud of the fact that we grow all our annuals right here, from seed or plugs. We start growing in January, and by mid-March our greenhouses are full of bedding plants, vegetables, herbs and hanging baskets, all growing bigger and stronger by the day. For months, we work seven days a week to get ready for spring – and as our customers get ready to start their gardening season, we’re getting ready to end ours!

When annual season is over the garden centre becomes a much quieter place. Once again it feels like a farm here – with animals wandering around, produce ripening in the greenhouses and a million chores for us to do!

Reduced hours after the rush of annual season

As a small, farm-based, family-run operation, we have a lot on our plate, even when the greenhouses are empty of annuals. So here’s how you can expect the Bloomfield year to look from now on:

MARCH/APRIL: open, by appointment, for seeds, seeding supplies and gifts etc. Order online for pick-up, or call ahead to arrange to shop in person.

MAY TO MID-JUNE: open full-time for annuals and all your other gardening needs.

MID-JUNE TO SEASON END: open Friday/Saturday for drop-in sales. Trees and other plants for sale any time during the week by appointment.

We may be open less, but we’re still offering the same great experience

Even though we’re only open two days a week after mid-June, we’ll still have everything you expect from a visit to Bloomfield –

  • Alberta-grown plantsBeautiful, hardy, Alberta-grown plants
  • Friendly animals
  • Visits to the chickens, turkeys and peacocks
  • Delicious free-range eggs
  • Produce grown right here in our own greenhouses and fields
  • Our lovely store filled with gardening supplies, decor and gifts

We hope you’ll pop out one weekend to check out our beautiful plants. Or call 403-816-6255 to arrange a different time. In the meantime, I’m off to weed the squash patch!

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