Wow we’re living in crazy times! We hope you’re all staying well and somewhat sane as you self-isolate and deal with the stress of this terrible situation.

On the plus side, this is a great time to be a gardener. Our favourite activity takes us outside in the fresh air, working in solitude, creating beautiful spaces and growing delicious, healthy food. But how do you go and buy the supplies you need to get you gardening?

Here at Bloomfield we get lots of questions about how we’re dealing with social distancing. The truth is we don’t really know how things are going to progress, but for now here’s how we’re accommodating these unusual requirements:

  • We’re open … kind of. We usually open in April for seeds and seeding supplies, but for now we’re open ‘by appointment’ only. Shoppers can come at a specified time so that we can ensure there will be no other shoppers around while they browse the store and enjoy a touch of spring in the greenhouse.
    Call 403-816-6255 to book your appointment.
  • Phone ordering and kerb-side pick-up. We’re happy to take phone (or even face-time) orders. We’ll put them together and leave them on the step, or just inside the garden centre for pick-up, so our customers can get their plants or supplies without even seeing another person.

We’re hoping that the madness will have subsided by the time gardening season starts properly, but if we get to May and it’s no better, we’ll do everything we can to make sure our customers can get their gardening fix – maximum numbers in the store, phone ordering options, online availability lists and more.

Eat What you Grow

We are definitely finding that more and more people are interested in growing food this year. Supplying food plants has always been a particular passion for us, so we think that’s great! We will have a great selection of vegetable and herb plants available in May, but for now we’re taking pre-orders for all kinds of ‘food gardens’:

  • 16″ planters with five kinds of vegetables, including a choice of kale, lettuce, beets, swiss chard, peppers or herbs. Pre-order* for $35 (regular price will be $50). Check for the full list of options here.
  • Larger planters containing a tomato, bush bean or zucchini from $35*, depending on the price of the container (regular $50 in the season).
  • Cut-and-grow-again lettuce bowls – pre-order* for $20 (regular price $25).

*Pre-order by April 15th for the pre-order price.

If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a shopping trip or place an order, you can email me, or call me on 403-816-6255.

Gardening in a Pandemic