Plants for Shade

Assorted Shade Plants

Planting a shady spot in the garden can be intimidating. There are so many gorgeous plants that thrive in the sun, and it can seem like your choices are limited when you have a shady corner.

Assorted Shade Plants

Don’t despair! Some of our favourite plants thrive in a shade, including the following:

Begonias – from mounding to trailing, begonias come in every colour and shape imaginable! They love the shade and their lovely foliage and glorious blossoms will brighten even the darkest spot.

Fuchsias – Stunning, pendulous blooms in shades of purples, pinks and reds make a bold statement on these lovely, shade-loving trailers.

Coleus – although these lovely plants do have a blossom, their appeal really lies in their fabulously colourful foliage. A truly cheerful sight.

Ipomoea – sweet potato vines are an incredibly versatile plant and will do well in sun or shade. We love the bright lime green ipomoea marguerite for it’s ability to brighten a shady spot.

Creeping Jenny – another fabulous lime green trailer that does well in shade and is a glorious, bright sight in a dark corner.

Pansies – these fabulous little harbingers of spring are frost and shade tolerant – it’s no wonder we love to see their cheerful little faces!

Draecena – although ‘spikes’ technically prefer sun, they will do very well in the shade and are a great way to add a little height to a container or bed.

Whether you’re planting a hanging basket in the shade of a porch, or a bed on the north side of the house there are some truly glorious choices for adding colour and drama to your planting. Have some fun with them!

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