Peonies for Southern Alberta

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Peonies are a classic perennial, beloved for their extravagant flowers and delicious fragrance. They are dependable and long-lived, and they are excellent for cut flowers.

This year we have a lovely selection of peonies at Bloomfield Garden Centre and here is some information about growing this stunning plant:

  1. Peonies are perennials which mean they will come back year after year.
    In our region it’s important to pick varieties that Peonies for Southern Albertaare hardy to zone 3 (or zone 4 in a sheltered spot).
  2. Grow peonies in full sun for optimum blooming. They will flourish in part shade, but they won’t flower as prolifically.
  3. Peonies appreciate deep, fertile, well-drained soil.
  4. Don’t plant peonies too deep. The crown shouldn’t be any more than 5cm beneath the soil surface.
  5. Water generously during the heat of summer.
  6. Peonies can be divided which involves digging up the plants and cutting the root mass with a sharp blade.
  7. Deadhead peonies regularly because this encourages the plant to put energy into the bulbs. This will promote plant health and lengthen the flowering season over time.
  8. Peonies attract ants, which love to feast on the nectar that oozes from the buds. They do not harm the plant or the flowers, and may actually defend the plant from attack by harmful insects. So while the notion that peonies need ants in order to bloom is incorrect, it’s fine to let them be.
  9. Peonies have such huge blossoms that they need supporting. The best way to do this is to position a peony support around the plant before it gets too big – the stems will grow up through the support and the buds will be supported.

Here are some photos of the peonies we are growing for this spring:

Peonies for Southern Alberta

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