This morning we awoke to rain, and that’s a wonderful sign that spring is here! There’s still a ways to go before we can actually start planting in the garden, but if you’re anxious to get going, why not start a few seeds inside? It’s a great way to get a jump on spring, and provides a chance to get some dirt under those fingernails.

Starting seeds indoors is easy

If you’re not sure about growing from seed, you can relax – it’s not at all difficult. Just make sure you start with the right supplies, and you’ll be good to go:

  1. The Seeds.  Start with fresh, good quality seed, and choose varieties according to the conditions you have in your yard (for instance sunny or shady).
  2. The Timing. Check the packet to see how long your seeds will take to germinate, and how long it will take from seeding to maturity, flowering or ripening (in the case of fruit and vegetables). Calculate back, to make sure your seeds will have time to complete their lifecycle.
  3. The Growing Medium. A good quality mix will contains pearlite and vermiculite to help maintain a good texture until your seedlings are ready to be transplanted.
  4. Light. If you don’t have a sunny windowsill, don’t despair, there are some very inexpensive germination kits that have little lights to help supplemental the natural light in your home.
  5. Water. It’s important to keep your seeds moist until they germinate, and to do that you need a light mist. A cheap spray bottle is the perfect way to create a nice gentle mist for seeds and seedlings.

Finally, it’s worth noting that each seed is a powerhouse of all the nutrients that a seedling needs. If you fertilize your tiny seedlings you will actually do them more harm than good, as the salts can burn the roots and leaves. A slow release fertilizer incorporated in the mix is fine, but on the whole it’s best to avoid fertilizing until your seedlings have a few sets of leaves.

Bloomfield Garden Centre has everything you need to start your seeds…

We open on March 31st, but if you’d like to come and stock up before then, just give us a call on 403-466-7978. We’re usually around and we’ve got all the supplies, including seeds, trays, greenhouse kits and our own tried and tested growing mix.














5 Must-Haves for Successful Seeding
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