It might seem like spring’s a long way off, but now is a great time plant up your containers and hanging baskets. Whether you’re seeding your own bedding plants, or buying them at the garden centre, you can use your creativity to make a fabulous display in your decorative pots.

Three reasons why now is a great time to plant your containers:

  • Containers are convenient to carry outside during the day, and back inside during cool nights, in order to harden off your plants gradually.
  • Your plants will be well established in the container before the last frost date.
  • You get the glorious look of spring plants long before you can plant them in the flower beds.

Oh, and one more very good reason … you get to enjoy some gardening long before the last frost date. So even though the end of May is hard to wait for, there’s hope for frustrated gardeners everywhere!

Try our Planter-Starter Packs

Lobelia, coleus and cosmos

Here at Bloomfield Garden Centre we’re making up some exciting little Planter-Starters – 6-packs that contain a fabulous combination of plants for containers. Perfect to keep on a windowsill for now, to be planted up into your containers whenever you’re ready. The photos show just a couple of the combinations:

Gazania new day rose stripe and dusty miller silverdust









Bloomfield Garden Centre opens its doors on Friday March 31st. Be sure to stop by to check out our beautiful new garden centre – and stop for a complimentary cup of coffee.

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Container gardening for a colourful spring