We’re tree farmers … and landscapers … and gardeners … and lots of other horticulture-y things, but we never expected to be garden centre owners!

When we bought this property – Greenview Nurseries, as it then was – we planned to carry on our existing businesses and lease out the garden centre space, but that didn’t work out. No one was more surprised than us when we decided to take on the garden centre ourselves, but hey, life’s all about taking opportunities when they come up, right?

Re-use and Recycle

When we moved here, we found stuff – all kinds of stuff! From tools and machinery to broken-down appliances and garbage. A lot of the things we found seemed like they must have a use, but at the time we couldn’t see it. The garden centre has been our opportunity to give lots of things a whole new lease on life.

recyling in the garden centreWe’re particularly pleased with the ‘new’ fixtures for the store. Shelves, corner units, baseboards and cash desk are all made from old barnwood that was lying around in huge piles.

Other things we’re using are huge logs to line the garden centre paths – a handy way to form raised beds, and fun for the kids to walk on (bonus!). I’ve got some beautiful pots which are getting a new lease on life as one-off containers.

We think all this is a great start to the rustic, comfortable, friendly feel we’re going for.

We’re setting up the garden centre store this weekend, so stay tuned to instagram and facebook as I post more pictures.

A big-budget garden centre makeover (not!)

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