It’s been an exciting week here at Bloomfield Garden Centre – our resident peacocks hatched a total of 5 eggs, and now we’re the proud adoptive parents (or pearents) of peachicks!

We’re hoping that eventually we will be able to allow our pea-family to have free run of the property, so they can greet garden centre visitors, along with Scarlett, the greeter-dog, and the garden centre cats. For now, while the peachicks are so little, we’ll keep them contained and safe, but we’re very happy to show them off to anyone who’s interested!

Free range eggs

We also added chickens to our family – all part of our plan to make this more than a regular garden centre. This week we’ve got our first batch of free range eggs, and our own tomatoes going into the garden centre. Where else can you go to buy eggs and meet the chickens that laid them?

free range eggs

fresh tomatoes










free range eggs









Proud as Peacocks
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